Monday, May 2, 2016

Since today is Monday, I will talk about the flaws. I am only telling some flaws because it is Monday and my mind is blank. The hardest thing to get in this world is money. That is why it is so easy for people to succeed and also so easy to fall. Money is what needs to be saved in the first place to be successful. Many can just jump into being an entrepreneur with no money, then easily go in debt. Also, technology skills are needed and there are some who just get challenged with phones and computers. You always need a plan before you do something important. Obviously you need a good plan if you are going to start a business, but many just aren't capable of it. This is hard to come up with bad ideas being an entrepreneur because the job has so many opportunities. Long story short, just get your stuff together and you'll be good.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016


The main reason I like the option to be an entrepreneur is the opportunities that the job has.
You do not have to work every day 9-5, 8-4, or 12 hour shifts. You actually have the choice to pick your own hours and where you want to work too. Also, you don't just have to work in one place. You can travel, and the possibilities are endless, For example, you have the entrepreneurs who sell online, sell to companies, and agricultural entrepreneurs too. So research this a bit, and figure out what subject or area would be best for you.

Monday, April 18, 2016

So, what are your plans this summer?
I think it would be a great time or opportunity to start your self employed business!
This is when the most time will be available, so I think it would be more convenient in general to start now.
This is a job that requires a lot of time and effort off the bat, so give it a go. All in all, you can just take frequent breaks in the summer, so it is not put on you 100%.

Monday, April 11, 2016


Starting up your own entrepreneur business can be a struggle, but there are a couple ideas to think about before doing it. You could start off by hopping right into the business if you think you are able enough to succeed and do really good. I kind of did this, but then again I am not fully into into the business because I do not have access to a decent amount of funds.
This leads into the second step. You could start saving up some money for however long you think is needed, then give the business a go. For example, you could start by working at a factory that pays $13 an hour or more, save it, then invest in your business. Then after the first month you can quit and with that saved up money, you can start the business with ease and worry about profit in the beginning.
These are the two main steps in my opinion to get a start at the business. Either way just depends on who you are. You could jump right in with the ambition to do it and succeed, or take the easier route and save, then invest.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Spring Break was the longest week of my life because I got no sleep and was up to watch my nieces a lot. But anyways, lets get back to the entrepreneur life.
The best time, in my opinion, to start your own business and be an entrepreneur, is in the summer or when you have absolutely nothing to do. I say that, because you then can focus on your business 100% and put all of your time and effort into it so that you will do more than succeed. The more time equals more money. Dedicate 1 whole day as a start and get your ideas on some paper along with your plan, and go from there.

Monday, March 21, 2016

What now?

So now that I have said all that I will be doing, here is exactly what will happen.
I am getting my high school diploma, and not dropping school because that is the most logical thing to do for me and my life. I will not pursue college as it cost too much money and that is the only reason I am not doing it. After high school, I will start my entrepreneur business, and I already know in depth exactly what to do and what will benefit me most. After saving up a lot of money, I will open up my own store or do another idea I have and get a continuous salary. Then I will be set. I will work my own hours that I want, and run my business how I want and enjoy it too.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

My Plan

Staying in school and getting a high school diploma, then being an entrepreneur sounds pretty sick. So that is exactly what I am doing. I do not need college and the student debt that comes with it. But, I will actually be paying off my bills while other students are paying debt. I already know the entrepreneur hustle that I am going to do, and it is relatively simple once you get the hang of it. So the harder I work and the more effort that I put into it, then the more money I will get from it. I will be super happy when I graduate, because then I will have all that free time that was wasted in school to source my products and get them out there on the market. Also, if I need money, then I can easily get a job with the diploma I acquired and build up some funds. Then once I have the desired amount of money I need, then I will put it in my business and generate profit that is continuous.

Friday, March 4, 2016

A lot of different factors depend on whether school is the option to choose or not. There are family's who just happen to have more money than others and just glide by, when others have to work harder for it. Then you have the ones who aren't financially loaded and put in a butt load of more effort and actually work to and maintain what they have achieved. Not everyone has a given talent of knowledge, as they might be better in sports, a certain subject, or know what degree they need in order to get that one job. Then you have others who honestly don't need school (High School) as part of their life, but rather need hands on experience out of school.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

                             Wail, lets talk about the goodies about dropping outta school.
Lets just take the happy route and say you dropped out of school for a very valid reason, like to start a business or whatever. So in a couple years or shorter, you are now rich and very happy you dropped out of school!

After all, Walt Disney dropped out of school too.
Image result for walt disneyImage result for walt disney

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

So we have talked about the advantages and the disadvantages of dropping out of school. Is there a way in the middle though?

Yes,you can get your GED early and even if you want, then go to a community college before everyone else your age does. Then WHAM KA BAM, you beat them all!

You could also get your GED and not go to community college and do what you gotta do to get it done.

Monday, February 8, 2016

I have told you about my buddies who dropped out of school and went back then became successful. So here is someone who just really screwed up.Image result for crazy lady
                                                               This is Patricia, you may be telling yourself that she looks like every other normal lady, but your wrong! Patricia is only 27 years young, and looks super old because she was on that "Good Stuff." She dropped out of school when she was 16, and thought she could be an actress. She almost got the role to play in "Jurassic World as the mom", but then they saw her face.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

"ya-da-do yee-hee-haa". That is how my buddy Frank talks who never went to school. After talking and buying off him for a couple years, he decided to go to school and get a degree. Frank is now 37 years old and owns his own franchise selling bubble gum. So I guess you could say school helped Good Ole' Franky in the long run.He learned English and had a 4.0 GPA too. Franky said school got hard at times, but "yaa-bee-do-da" and he was out and selling again, but this time something that is good for the human body

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Image result for pedophile mustache
This is my boy Louie who dropped out of high school.
A lot of people say he is a happy man, but they don't know the whole story.
Louie goes to motels every night to make some extra money. Me and Louie go way back to grade school. After 8th grade Louie asked me if I wanted to get into the business with him, and I obviously said yes. I cannot quite say I was expecting what was going to happen at the motel, but then again it happens every night, so what would be so bad about me doing it? I backed out before I got there because he told me all the details, and I thought it might hurt my reputation if anyone found out. So if you have guessed what Louie does now, you are right. 
Louie is a janitor at the motel.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Obviously there were reasons he dropped out, but he still did it and makes bills on bills.

Image result for jim carreyJim Carrey's family was poor and homeless after his father lost his full-time job. Carrey found work as a janitor and dropped out of high school at age 15 to help care for his sick mother. The breakthrough for his comedy career was the '90s television show "In Living Color." He starred in several blockbuster films, including "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective," "Liar, Liar" and "Yes Man."

Friday, January 29, 2016

   Hopefully you have decided what to do, at least a little with your future.
Whether it is dropping out, becoming an entrepreneur or starting your own business.
Also you have the choice to graduate and go on to college or be okay with a high school diploma and get a job that requires a high school diploma. I know many people who have a GED or a High school diploma and are doing just fine financially and enjoy their job too. I am not saying you have to drop out and get a job you hate or go to college and get a job that doesn't require anything you got from college, but you should know when the time is right.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Disadvantages of Dropping out of high school:
Image result for disadvantages of dropping out of high school
A lot of statistics show income loss, but income loss smlimslumsmoss.

Lack of higher education. You should be fine if you have your job all ready to go though.

Increased chance of legal trouble. But if you have seen "Straight Outta Compton" then who cares about the police.

All in all, today is why you shouldn't drop outta school. So don't drop out of school today, but wait for my blog on the advantages of dropping out of school tomorrow.
Image result for disadvantages of dropping out of high school